Use Predatory SEO to Conquer Google!

A well-placed article marketing campaign can help you to generate leads and sales each and every day for over a very long period of time. Many people use search engine optimization as a way to get their information out to thousands people at once.  I knew this was a strategy I wanted to take advantage of in my marketing campaign.  I just didn’t have the tech savoy information those who where ranking high on Google already had.  That’s why I decided to give Predatory SEO a chance.

Initially I knew nothing about what a back-link was or how to get hundreds of them a day.  This is the biggest lesson I was taught by Rob Fore’s Predatory SEO course.  He patiently takes you step by step into his routine for ranking his articles in the Google on page #1 every time.  I used to think it was only important to use your target keyword a bunch of times and then just wait.  Thanks to the course, I now understand that there are so many more factors such as article length, keyword density, H1 tags(which I had no clue what this was), social engagement, and so much more.

It was a waste of time for me in the beginning to try to figure it all out on my own.  Rob has been doing article marketing for years and because of it has created several 6-figure businesses.  Predatory SEO in my opinion is the blueprint needed to duplicate his success no matter what industry you choose to market to.

Predatory SEO:

Predatory SEO

Module 1: Internet Marketing 101

In this module you will discover the foundational basics upon which you will build a solid, profitable internet empire. Flush out the differences between paid search and organic search and gain a crystal-clear picture of why most of your early efforts have not produced a profitable result and how to turn that around starting today!

Module 2: Predatory SEO System Overview

Explode your traffic, leads and sales. That’s the goal of this module, plain and simple. You will map out exactly where you want your business to be in the next 6 to 12 months, and we will dive deep into the simple 5-step process that will take you there, period. Nothing is left to chance, no stone is left unturned.

Module 3: Money-Making Marketing Research

If you sell hotdogs, the most productive thing you can do to find a hungry crowd. In this module, together we are going to find your hungry crowd again, and again, and again. You will uncover multiple income opportunities and multiple ways to attract a flash flood of ready-to-do-business buyers, literally overnight.

Module 4: Ready, AIM, Fire!

If a predator does not hunt, the predator dies. It’s time to go hunting, and your prey is the competition already banking the majority of what is soon to be YOUR leads and YOUR sales. It’s time to dominate your competition, get greedy, and prepare to take much more than your fair share.

Module 5: How to Feed a Search Engine to Get Fat

The fastest, easiest way to get what you want (more traffic, leads and sales) is to give the search engines exactly what they want. Feed the search engine giants this simple 7-course meal and you win on time, every time. Oh, and if you forget this element, you might as well forget everything.

Module 6: It’s Time to Dominate

The only way to grow market share online is to take market share away from your competition… and to the victor go ALL the spoils. Take no prisoners. You get in, get out, and get on about the business of living your life in style. It’s time to win each battle and scale up for ultimate victory.

Module 7: Shhh… Seriously! Shhh…

How to build an impenetrable hedge of protection against all marauders, misfits and misfortune that may come your way. SECURE your business and you SECURE YOUR FUTURE. What is hidden inside this module is absolutely priceless and is worth more to your business than the price of this course!

Google is the number one visited site in the world.  People go there daily looking for answers to their problems.  That’s why I wanted to take advantage of article marketing.  Sadly I did not know where to begin which is how I came across Predatory SEO.  It seemed impossible to rank on the first page of the search engines.  Now I have a step by step guide to make sure I get there as fast as possible!

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The Best Spinner Review | Jared Brown Marketing

In order to rank highly in the search engines it is important to get a good number of backlinks.  The best way to do this is through article submission.  The safest way to do that is by using some type of article spinning software.  The industry leader is hands down the best spinner.  This review will explain exactly what this product does and why it may be the tool you need to help build your business.  I have been using this tool for a few years now and will give you the important details you need before purchasing for yourself.

I know one point I think is important to highlight in this Best Spinner review is why exactly this product is necessary.  Most submission software programs have their own built in tool that will spin articles for you.  Why not just use that and save money?  I tried that approach at first and it is not worth the trouble.  Those programs usually only let you spin one word or sentence at a time instead of the whole article.  The amount of effort it takes to do just one blog post is not worth the time.  Another disadvantage is that the articles usually do not read well.  The Best Spinner on the other hand creates unique articles that are easy to read which increases the chances of another website accepting your content.

The Best Spinner Review

The Best Spinner ReviewWith all of the updates coming out that effect how your website is ranked, it is vital that you use the most efficient spinning tool on the market.  You want to stay off of Google’s radar by not leaving a footprint across the internet.  Search engines absolutely hate duplicate content and can even block your website if you have the same exact article all over the internet.  The Best Spinner makes the chances of that happening to you slim to none.  The tool is easy to use and shows you just how unique your article is.  You can easily preview each spun article and make any adjustments to ensure that your readers have a pleasurable experience.  This tool is user friendly and comes with a quick learning curve no matter what your computer skill level is.

By now your probably think what good is the Best Spinner review if I don’t discuss the price.  Since this is the best product of its kind, the price will be a little higher than its competitors.  If you want something done right it is well worth it.  To start out you pay 7 dollars for the first week to test drive the product to see how it works.  After that you will then pay 77 dollars and that is good for a year.  Each year after that you pay 77 dollars.  You can cancel at any time.  Not bad for a tool that can spin your entire article at different levels while still creating content that is easy to read by humans.

The customer service is also a great plus.  It is likely that you will never run into any issues, but if you ever had any questions help is just an email away.  Quick responses help ensure that your article spinning is never interrupted for long.  The large database of synonyms is constantly updated which keeps the Best Spinner ahead of its competition.  There are also a number of YouTube videos up that will walk you through all of the many features available to you.

To conclude the Best Spinner review, I will say that I personally love this tool.  It is quick and easy and I have yet to have any problems with it.  Thanks to the many unique articles I created, I have been able to rank highly in the search engines for various keywords.  You can see for your self with a 7 day test drive by clicking the picture below:

Article Marketing Robot Review | Jared Brown Marketing

This Article Marketing Robot review will give you a detailed look into a tool that many have used to help their website rank highly in the search engines.  This is a tool that creates backlinks to your article or post on auto-pilot.  If used correctly,  you will be able to rank on the first page of Google and other search engines in a matter of weeks sometimes even days.  This is one of the more affordable options that will still leave you satisfied in the long run.  I have used this product for over a year and will give you the facts of AMR.

The first thing I want to cover in this Article Marketing Robot review is how much this tool will cost you.  You can purchase AMR for as three different price options.  The most expensive package is 157.00.  This gives you access to article directories as well as Web 2.0 and Wiki platforms.  Or you can choose to pay 97.00 with access to just article directories or Web 2.0 and Wiki.  If you are thinking about going the cheaper route, you can always add more features at a later time.  No matter which option you choose you still have a 60 day risk free trial.  If you don’t see this tool being beneficial for you, just ask for a full refund and be done with it.  This gives you plenty of time to learn the system while still having the option of getting your money back.

Article Marketing Robot Review

Once your in the system you will create an account and sign up to various directories that you will submit your articles too.  This Article Marketing Robot review will give you a brief summary of how this works.  Inside the system there are very detailed training videos teaching for you to get the best results in the shortest period of time.  You have the ability to add directories by scraping from Google or uploading your own scrapped list at anytime.  This keeps your list fresh and up to date so you can get as many backlinks as possible.  Everything is done quickly with a few clicks of the mouse since everything is pretty much done on auto pilot for you.  You can also create as many user accounts as you want to help avoid leaving a footprint online.

Once you are actually ready to submit an article comes the fun part.  You want be sure to use some type of spinning software.  There is a built in spinner you could use but I recommend The Best Spinner to guarantee everything you send out is as unique as possible.  You will need to spin the title, summary, body, and author resource box.  I like to make all of my articles at least 40% unique.  If this doesn’t make sense to you at all there are plenty of step by step videos available inside Article Marketing Robot.  I will also review some of the steps you should take in upcoming articles.  Once you fill in all the sections you can preview the article to see just how the article will look once submitted.  You can add two links to your website in the author box as well as add links within the body if you choose.  You can easily have three or four links coming back to your website in each article you submit!

Article Marketing Robot Review

You will notice that you will not successfully submit your article to every directory you have listed.  This is normal for any article submission software.  Each time you create a piece of content take notes of how the success rate was and make adjustments next time.  The next step is to ping the backlinks you created.  This is also done automatically inside of AMR.  Just highlight the links and send them to the pinger.  Once that is done you can move on to the next article.  You can resubmit the article at a later time under a different account or just start with a new article.

In conclusion,  I hope this Article Marketing Robot review showed you the value this service can have for your website.  This software is one of the cheapest compared to its competitors but still is a must have tool.  Building backlinks can be a  long and tedious process for many.  This will make your life a little bit easy because everything is automated.  CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE RISK FREE TRIAL, really test out the system and watch your website begin to rank!

Melaleuca Scam | Jared Brown Marketing

Melaleuca Scam Rumors:

There are many different negative thoughts floating around about Melaleuca being a scam.  Some say that this is just another pyramid scheme.  Others think that the compensation plan is to good to be true.  You may even hear bad reviews every once in a while about some of their products.  Most likely you are reading this article because you are interested in this top rated network marketing company but you are a little nervous about what you have heard.  As someone who actually uses Melaleuca and has seen what  they have to offer first hand, I can give you the facts you need to move forward.

I want to start by saying the Melaleuca scam rumors you may have heard are not true.  Some persons are promised unrealistic results by their up-line and then feel tricked once those dreams aren’t reached.  The compensation plan is set up so that you need to sign up a certain number of people directly under you and then help those persons to do the same.  As you build your down-line you advance to different levels starting with director.  The are different bonuses that you receive for advancing and helping those under you to advance.  One incentive that everything targets is the new car bonus you receive once you become a senior director. Melaleuca Scam

Your probably thinking it all sounds so good but if it works why are there so many Melaleuca scam articles found online?  No matter how great a product or company is, it is not going to be for everyone.  It takes a strong marketing plan to build a huge down-line.  Many think they can just call a list of people and become rich.  That is not the case.  You need a way to generate hundreds even thousands of leads that are looking for your opportunity.  Traditional strategies just take too long and this causes many to quit and feel cheated.  That doesn’t mean that the product is wrong, it just needs to be sold correctly.

Melaleuca scam talk is always going to be found online.  Network marketing is hard for some and many fail because they do not have the proper training or motivation to keep working towards their goal.  You have to visualize what it is you want to achieve and then do whatever it takes to make that vision a reality.  The fact is that Melaleuca is the number 2 ranked MLM company in the world.  They have been in business since 1985 and is still growing.  Sure someone may have a legitimate complaint against the company but overall it is a very popular well know company.  Before you trust all the negative reviews remember that they are a top rated company for a reason.

Momentis Scam | Jared Brown Marketing

Momentis Scam Rumors:

Are you concerned about the Momentis scam stories you read online?  Is this the network opportunity that you have been waiting for but now your unsure?  Well don’t second guess yourself, the answer to all your questions can be found here.  I’m sure you heard that their business model is a lie or that can not make any real money with this company.  You may have heard that this is another pyramid scheme that will just take all of your money.  There are many who have joined Momentis as a distributor and failed to grow a business but why is that?

Momentis Scam

Momentis is not a scam.  This is a legitamite business that offers various products for the home or business.  Their main product is cheaper energy.  Deregulation laws have been changing everywhere so many customers now have the ability to shop around for their energy provider.  This is one route to take. They also offer a number of other services such as cable, internet, cell phones and alarm systems.  These are all products that your everyday homeowner will likely use each month.  As a distributor you can offer these services at a discounted price while you receive a commission as well.

The compensation plan is likely the root of all the Momentis scam rumors.  Many join this company expecting to become an instant millionaire.  They then are discouraged when they find it difficult to sign up enough people to make any real money.  Some struggle even though they are following the business model that was given to them from their up-lines.  After months of failing and not seeing any positive results they feel that they were tricked and that it must be a fraudulent business.  At the same time there is a select few that sign up and make big money.  This proves that it can be done.

So whats the difference?  Why do some see it as the Momentis scam while others see it as the dream business they were looking for?  Simply because this is a business that takes work.  Its a fact that many do fail when they join an MLM opportunity because they quit to soon.  Some expect to make a full time income in the first couple of months and when that doesn’t happen they give up.  Its the ones who stick with the business and learn how to truly market the opportunity that make the big bucks.  So no this is not a scam.  The compensation plan is one that pays well to those who are successful and signing up new distributors.  It can be done with the right tools and patience.