Ray Higdon Who is He?

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Network marketing has been a life changer for thousands of people.  The freedom it gives people to enjoy their life without the stresses of a job is truly priceless.  For one man this opportunity has proven very beneficial.  His name is Ray Higdon.  He was the MLSP “Leader of the Month” back in October of 2010 and continues to be a leader in our industry today.  Life wasn’t always so great for Ray.  He had his fair share of struggles on a long ride to financial freedom.  You can learn a lot from Ray’s story and it may push you to reach the levels of success he did.

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon


Ray Higdon became an entrepreneur at an early age.  He started selling candy to classmates in school and developed his passion there.  By the age of 18 he was working three jobs to get the money he wanted.  After noticing that even a high paying job didn’t equal freedom he decided that the typical 9 to 5 was not the ideal situation for him.  He did not yet have an Internet marketing career on his mind, but the ball was rolling and he was on track to the life he now lives.

Jobs, Success, and Struggles

Ray’s first real job was as a project manager for Collier County Community Development Services, which, at the time was the second fastest growing county in the United States.  Ray eventually worked his way to Enterprise Database Administrator, which means he made a lot of money and had a safe and secure job.  This may sound good to most but not for Ray Higdon.  He was bored out of his mind and needed a change so that’s what he did.  He started a real estate coming and made a ton of money flipping properties.  Then the recession of 2008 hit and next thing you know Ray was Bankrupt.  After living a very comfortable life for so long Ray now was stuck with only 300$ in the bank.

The Turn Around

Once you hit rock bottom you tend to find yourself.  Ray Higdon is the perfect example.  Although he failed for 3 years with various MLM companies he did not give up.  He studied attraction marketing and went on to make 10,000$ in his 5th month and 40,000 in his 7th month.  He is now the top earner in his primary company, won 5 vacations and a new 2011 BMW!

We can learn a lot from this story.  Its never to late to find success and freedom.  The road you are on now may not be as smooth as you thought but at least you are still on the road.  Taking time to really learn this business is vital to your success.  He was able to create a strategic internet marketing plan that made him rich.  You may be the next big network marketer this industry is talking about!

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